3 CrossFit Facebook Ads

3 Facebook Ads That Generated 1000s Of CrossFit Leads

I can already tell you’re one of the smart CrossFit Box owners.

The round pegs in a square hole.

It was Roy H. Williams that said…

“A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistakes altogether.”

That’s precisely what you are doing by reading this blog post. Don’t let this be something you skim over once and bookmark it only to never look at it again.

Use this blog post as a swipe file, print it out, us it often and it’ll be worth thousands to you and your business. It will inspire new campaigns, more members and make you a smarter CrossFit Box owner.

The ads you are about to see have collectively generated 1000s of new leads and paying members for CrossFit Boxes across Ireland, the US and the UK.

Which brings me to the topic of “information verification.”

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How Can You Be Sure These Ads Really Generated 1000s Of Leads?

I am not a lawyer, accountant, or journalist. I’m a professional digital marketer with a passion for helping CrossFit Gyms grow their membership and revenue.

The ads collected in this document have been used by my ad agency with dozens of CrossFit Boxes across Ireland, the US and the UK. I took my 16 years of marketing experience (Including lecturing in Digital Marketing) and used it to laser target leads for our CrossFit Gym owner clients. (Some details have been blacked out to protect our clients privacy)

Now that I’ve covered my ass, let’s all have some fun and dig into the pile of lead generation secrets contained in this list…

3 Facebook Ads That Generated 1000s Of CrossFit Leads

#1 Smile and Colour:

Facebook Ad 1

This ad does one thing really well. It jumps off the page. Why? Good eye contact and smiling from both the man and the woman. And secondly the vibrant colour of the woman’s top.

It is a desktop and mobile newsfeed ad that converts very highly.

#2 Be Real and Authentic:

Facebook Ad 2

Similar to the last ad this one is clear with good eye contact. We also regularly use members of the clients gym instead of models. (Not shared here due to client privacy)

Using real members lets the clicker make more of an emotional connection with the CrossFit Box right from the start. Again it is a desktop and mobile newsfeed ad that converts very strongly.

#3 Let The Video Do The Talking:

Thompson Digital Crossfit eg 2

This is a video ad for mobile and desktop newsfeed. The video is blurred out to protect the client. Our extensive testing has found the click through rate from video ads to be the highest performer out of all ads.

It works particularly well for CrossFit Boxes as the clicker can really get an idea of what the gym is like and who the members are. It is that emotional and real connection that engages the prospect.

Ok, So What’s The Big Lesson Here?

In case you didn’t notice, all of the ads are 1200×628 ad size focused on Newsfeed only.

Facebook give you many options of were you can place your ads including newsfeeds, right hand side, audience network and Instagram. Our extensive testing has shown that the Desktop and Mobile newsfeed ads consistently out perform all other placements.

The other big winner in our testing is Video ads. This means you use a short video instead of a static image. These type of ads get almost double the click through rate of all other ads. Why? Because people are very visual and like to be engaged. And a video showing up in your Facebook newsfeed really catches your eye. It does not need to be professional, a simple shoot with your smart phone will work just great. How many different videos have you watched online in the last week?

Finally, the other big takeaway is the design of these ads. Nothing here is very complicated. Simple ads win. If you’re spending a fortune to get fancy ads designed, you are wasting your time and money.

All you need is a simple 1200×628 newsfeed image or video ad, that is visually appealing while also offering a benefit to the clicker.

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